2012 A New Earth Rising

December 21st 2012 was the turning point, the Earth has left the realm of third dimensional density and has entered the fourth dimension where we become the Co-Creators of the New Earth. In this book Charmian guided 18 people forward into the New Earth to see how we are living. We receive information from the Self Who has already made the transition on how to      prepare for and to accomplish this shift in consciousness.


The Earth has been preparing for decades to make an unprecedented energy shift from the third dimension to the fifth dimension where everything and everyone on her surface will be operating from their God Consciousness. This process is called the Ascension, the Resurrection or the Dimensional Shift. Living in the old way in the third dimension we have been living from greed, misuse of power, separation and "the few" controlling the lives of "the many" as well as most of the resources. In the New Way this will no longer be possible, as only systems that are heart- based will function on the Earth in her new frequency.

Many of the old structures, which have supported the misuse of power, are crumbling. The banking system, financial institutions, big corporations with political influence are and will continue to destabilize. New systems of equal distribution of wealth and resources will take their place. Everything that has been happening with the economic, the financial systems and the many changes of government throughout the world are part of this process, which is absolutely necessary. We simply cannot continue to live upon the Earth under the present system of corruption, disregard for human rights, deprivation of basic necessities and pollution of our Mother Earth. So the old order is crumbling, being burned in the fires of transformation and out of the ashes a New Earth is rising, a return to an age of gold where peace shall reign in the hearts of men and women.

On December 21st 2012 the Earth aligned exactly with the center of our galaxy and with the great central sun and this alignment  sendta huge surge of energy across the planet. This was the event that we have been waiting for. This surge of energy  activated the light body of those who were ready to receive it and this  created the first wave of Ascension. There will be a series of waves of Ascension for a certain time upon the Earth. When these waves are complete those souls who have chosen not to make the Ascension will be moved to other planets where they can continue their experience at that level. There is no judgment in this. It is just a matter of what each soul chooses for its own evolutionary process.



                         Coming Home To Lemuria

Lemuria was a vast continent which is now mostly underneath the Pacific ocean It was the first civilisation long before  "The Fall" where we lived in harmony and peace for aeons of time with all kingdms. At that time we were always connected to our own Divine Essence by a golden cord. We knew that we were divine beings who could create whatever we chose to focus our awareness on. It is the time known as the garden of eden here on planet earth. Then came "The Fall" where we lost our connection to our own divinity and experienced pain and suffering for the first time. Since then we have endured great pain in many incarnations through this time of separation and third dimensional existence. Now the Earth is ready to return to light, to love and we are experiencing the call to return to the heart and to love. We are remembering the time of Lemuria where we only knew love, there was nothing else. Hawaii was the heartland of Lemuria and people are being called back there now to help them to remember living in Oneness, peace and harmony. The dolphins and whales playedw ith us then and they are here now to help us to remember that we are light and love and that we are here to live in Joy. In writing this book I regressed many people to the time of ancient Mu, now called Lemuria and brought forward these memories.


In Lemuria we live in the Love, in the Oneness.  It is who we are, Love and Beauty and Grace. We stand in the essence of our Being and our Love as we walk together and work together. The Light is in everything that we do. It is as natural to us as breathing; we breathe the Love, we breathe it together. We come into our circles and we breathe Love and Light into Form.  We create Beauty with every breath .  We are all connected to the Source by a Golden thread. We live in harmony and peace with all beings and all kingdoms, in constant telepathic communication with all life forms.

Everything that we did in Lemuria before the Fall was for the benefit of the whole. We cared for everyone equally, everyone was included.  Our sole desire was to serve and to assist others to fulfill their service and their desires.  There was no thought of competition, lack or scarcity.  We created everything that we needed and there was always enough for everyone.

We created beautiful crystal cities full of Light. Everybody was very focused and the focus was Love. Everyone was reminded constantly of how much they were loved.The whole society was based on the premise of Love. People were focused on doing everything for the Highest Good of All. Their individual purpose and the collective purpose was Love.

Each person had a job and a focus. There was a society much like our own with specialized areas of activity, but everyone worked for the good of the whole. There was a network of understanding almost like a grid of technology. Underlying the cities was an invisible grid, lines of light connecting each place to the whole.  It was used as a form of communication between places much like we would use telephones except that what was running through the lines was Love. Everyone was communicating with everyone else about their purpose or focus.

The memories of Lemuria are resurfacing now because as a society we have moved so far away from what really matters. We need to be reminded of the Oneness, that All are connected and each has an intricate role to play. We each have a unique gift to give. We can all work in harmony, each one adding to the Whole. When we can create Love we can live love, peace and wholeness. We can be Creators using conscious creation with Male / Female energies to return to the Oneness, to the focus of Love, of giving of our gifts and living our Soul’s purpose.  It’s about helping each other, caring for each other selflessly for the good of the greater whole.  It’s all about connection, remembering who we are, that we are Love.

Chapter 18 The Return

Some of us are beginning to remember and to open up the knowledge of the basic matrix.  We need to raise our vibration otherwise we won’t be able to open it or to sustain it.  People who are remembering need to share their memories by making them audible or visible to others.  Everybody who is working with this knowledge is helping to anchor it by his or her being in it and by walking the remembrance of this energy.  We need to remember the blueprint of wholeness and to bring it back.  We are not taking it seriously enough.  We need to focus on it more, creating space for it to come into our bodies. People who still have the Lemurian light codes in their bodies are being brought back together.  The temple teams are finding each other.  The templates are anchored in the DNA of groups and the groups are being asked to come together to share their gifts so that the structure of the grids we create become the structure to focus on and the templates become more complete.  The geometries of the grids that people create are multi-layered and will help them to pinpoint their focus.

Each person brings a piece to the grid. Someone else will know, feel or see what the others don’t.  We deliberately divided the knowledge into different people to avoid fear and distortions.  We each took a piece of the knowledge, and in that way it has been protected for aeons because no single individual has the whole picture. Some people hold the sound keys, others have the geometry,  the colors or the glyphs.

Each of us holds a piece of the puzzle and it is time to bring the pieces back together.  The pieces are on many levels, we are part of different geometries and for each geometry there is a unique input.  There are different levels, circles or facets that we are part of so one person can be in several different groups, each with a different focus.

Why are memories of Lemuria coming back now?

It is very necessary that we understand that we are acting as separate units on many levels, and we are being allowed to see this now because we have been working hard to get ourselves into a higher vibration.  We are coming closer to a point where we are able to sustain a field of this high frequency. We need to prepare our bodies, our vehicles, to hold the higher vibrations. One aspect of this is taking care about what we eat; another is taking care of your thought forms.  We must keep body and mind clean in order to hold the higher vibrations. The other important thing is to share what we know. We have been afraid to share our knowledge because historically we have been ridiculed, persecuted, or excluded for being “different” from mainstream beliefs and society.

Now the frequency of the earth is rising and we are the ones who hold the codes for the New Earth.  The resonance of our words is similar to the bubbles of color in the Lemurian energy fields; it does something that only that individual can do.  It is most important for us to consciously co-create in those families and those groups who hold a resonating DNA for certain things.  It may be that an individual is part of many groups each with their own DNA code for activating a frequency

It is a matter of getting out of our ego and beginning to work together as One.  What one person can create is good, but the effort of a co-creative group transcends the ego and is of a higher order.  Charmian’s purpose is to bring the groups together and to begin the activation of the Lemurian light codes so that the groups can work together once more and activate the earth grids.

We have crystals in our feet.  The moment we walk upon the earth we impregnate it with our consciousness.  Those who have more conscious knowledge of the codes of Oneness can help to radiate that frequency out to others who are in our energy field.  This will help them to open up their own consciousness and, in turn, help others.  The Earth has also lost the memory of the original Oneness grid, so as we walk this consciousness into her energy field we are reminding her that this vibration has once more become manifest. We can do this now to assist Mother Earth.  We need to consciously connect wherever we are, but especially on sacred sites, to this concept or vision of the Wholeness Matrix. When we radiate it out through our bodies, then the earth in that place will know that this vibration has become manifest.

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