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The Alchemy of Mastery

Spiritual Development Training

Six Week Live Online Video Class

with Charmian Redwood

As the Earth is spinning into chaos it is time for The Masters of Light who came from the stars, to awaken now and to remember who you are. Each one of you is a Master of great power and knowledge and in this class you will learn to access these powers. In each class we will journey into our group soul memory to a time when we were at our most powerful. We will all speak from that multi-dimensional aspect and co-create a powerful journey of self empowerment and healing for Mother Earth.

You will receive an activation or initiation in each class from many Beings on the higher dimensions.

We will learn

To receive messages for one another.

    To communicate with councils of light from many planes and many stars.

    To Channel the Ascended Masters

    To send distant  healing

    To activate multi-dimensional aspects of yourself

"It reminded me of who I am. A strong person who is worthy of respect and I won't let anyone treat me like a doormat any longer." Laurie FL

"It has really been about " feeling it," I could read about this and do all kinds of meditations but now I have the "feeling" from these classes. I can feel the vibration, I can feel everything and it is just amazing how it just shows up. Books give you information " about", but don't help you to embody it."


"I feel like myself for the first time in years. I have consciously disconnected to be in this environment for this part of the journey and knew that I was isolating myself. It has been a struggle that now is coming to an end. I'm am so grateful for our connection. Thank you for holding the space for such a powerful group." Megan ky

" I feel more open and more connected with everything. I get messages and can focus more easily. It was nice being with like-minded people for whom this stuff is "normal".  My friends think I am weird. I feel more confident and able to stand up to people who don't see the real "me." When you have confidence and no triggers it doesn't matter what they are doing. I don't retaliate. I feel much more powerful than I have ever felt in my life. I feel so much more comfortable with who I am. The people in the group were open but now they have been blasted off."

Karen oh

Thursday July 13th -August 17th 2017

11 am PST western USA

2pm EST eastern USA

7pm GMT UK

8pm CET Europe

Investment in your self

$ 222

(payment plan possible on request)

Numbers limited this is a small class

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