Channeled Messages from Mother Mary and the Ascended Masters.

Charmian offers  personal readings from Mother Mary and the Ascended Masters, they speak to you of who you are as a soul, what lineage you have come through, which star systems you came from and why you are here.You will receive a personal message and activation from Lord Sananda, Mother Mary, St Germaine, Archangel Michael, Kuan Yin, the Council of light from Sirius and many more.

Mother Mary has taken human form, she understands so well the pain and challenges of being in an emotional body at this time of great transition on the Earth. Her messages and healing sessions are so deeply personal and uplifting. She sees to the core of each person’s Soul and gives them the assistance they need to release old wounds and to lift up into the Light. Mother Mary is the essence of compassion and has come to remind us that we are Divine, we are loved and we are almost “Home.”

             Message from Divine Mother Mary


“I was laying quietly with my eyes closed, listening to the words as Mother Mary spoke to me about my partner and myself, and they rang true, resonating with a knowing that was deep in my gut. Then she named a hurt, an old injury that I had almost forgotten - it was so long ago, but one which still lays seeds of fear beneath the foundation of our relationship, and up from the pit of my stomach rose a feeling of sadness and pain so deep I cried out and began to sob. I was doubled up and gasping for breath as wave after wave of sorrow flowed up from n me, one on my brow and one on my chest. I felt rather than saw the soft brown hair and eyes of Mother Mary, her face (not that of Charmian) was filled with compassion and love, and I began to feel forgiveness seep in to where the pain was coming from. I began to catch my breath and my sobs began to slow, and in my calm I knew that we could heal. We were going to heal. Michael Oahu
“Mother Mary’s message is so perfect for so many of us at this time when the density that surrounds our sensitive souls challenges us in so many ways exposing our vulnerable inner children in all our human-ness upon Mother Earth as she too experiences it with us in our hour of need.” Kathy UK
“The whole time Charmian was channeling Mother Mary I saw Mother Mary floating above my body and the words that Charmian spoke were coming from Mother Mary’s mouth.” Elena CA
“The channeling from Mother Mary is so soothing and uplifting. When I am in her arms I feel so loved and cared for, she makes me the feel I am precious and important. Also the way I was cared for, so cozy to lie down on your table and feel the crystals on my heart and ....just what I longed for, it was like coming home and welcomed by a mother after a long day, ahhhhhhhh so good. I go back to this feeling and this is so uplifting and empowering. I enjoyed every single moment of my session with you.” Keala Maui

Message from Lyra for the Children of Earth


Message from Archangel Michael