December 21st 2020, Winter Solstice
                      Live zoom class,
Monday December 21st 2020
10am PST,1pm EST, 6pm UK,7pm CET

This powerful day is the culmination of all of the portals and activations of 2020. A huge wave of energy plasma will wash over the Earth and all of humanity.
Two major planets Jupiter and Saturn both move out of the density of rigid, structured, patriarchal Capricorn into the lightness of  open minded, enlightened, Humanitarian, and compassionate Aquarius.
This is the true dawning of the Age of Aquarius.
These energetic vibrational gifts from the cosmos are going to MASSIVELY birth an entire new state of consciousness in the collective, as the collective of Humanity will now really begin to elevate into a new state of consciousness and social awareness, collaboration for the greater good.
Event is by donation.
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