When learning how to use hypnosis for childbirth, women are taught that the uterine muscles will work efficiently together, as they were designed to, when the body is completely relaxed. The depth of relaxation necessary is achieved with hypnosis so expectant moms learn these skills in class, and practice them at home every day until their baby arrives.
Important: Comfort in childbirth depends on much more than deep relaxation, so in a complete hypnosis for childbirth program, moms must be taught the most in-depth hypnotic anesthesia techniques that exist. These make a huge difference in creating your truly comfortable birthing experience, and are easily learned and practiced.
The Birth Partner plays a very integral role in the preparation process: by listening to the hypnosis tracks, reading the handouts and guiding the Hypno-mother into deep relaxation with hypnosis scripts. Birth Partners are also an invaluable part of the labor and birth process as they help moms to focus and concentrate, as well as supporting them physically.
Fear and Expectation ~
In Hypnobabies classes, you are taught to surround yourself with only positive people and messages during your pregnancy, to create a positive view of childbirth and the expectation that your birthing with be a beautiful, peaceful experience. Hypnobabies “Fear Clearing” hypnosis sessions are integral to this process, since they allow you to address fears, work through possible solutions and then release them.
By learning and practicing hypnosis, you will be able to enter self-hypnosis instantly, and how to create your own natural anesthesia whenever and wherever you need it. This is important since any drugs taken by a laboring woman can be dangerous for her, and her baby. Hypnobabies childbirth hypnosis allows you to remain in control over your body and emotions, and be an active participant in your birth process.
You are always aware of everything around you, and as labor progresses, you’ll go deeper inside yourself, trusting in your body’s natural ability to give birth with ease and comfort. Your mind is trained and programmed to give you exactly what you need as you give birth to your baby.
We teach Hypnobabies in 6 classes of 3 hours each class.
Class times can be arranged to suit your schedule
Cost is $1200 for private class
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Kathy Williams, Maui
Thanks to my work with Charmian Redwood I had an empowering, amazing second birth. It was all I could have asked for and I credit so much of that to the Hypnobabies work with Charmian. The relaxation process and scripts really do work.
I was at the hospital from 1am Saturday night/Sun morning and delivered him at 5:37am Monday. I know that Hypnobabies made a huge difference both for myself and Andrew. It gave him tools to help me and it allowed me to remain calm and even laugh and smile in between contractions. Our birth photographer told him it was the most relaxed delivery she's ever been to.
Ashley Ohio