Personal Retreats

Are you feeling stuck? Lost direction? Experiencing stress and anxiety? Are you ready to make a shift in your life? To connect to your Higher Self to align with your direction and purpose?

We all have times in our life where we are at a crossroad and not sure which direction to take. We have pre-programmed beliefs that we are not worthy. We get stuck in jobs which are soul destroying or relationships which no longer serve us.

Charmian is an international teacher, healer and author who has been leading retreats for 30 years

I have developed a system of using hypnosis to connect to our own Higher Self and to uncover the unconscious beliefs which hold us in suffering and lack. Your own inner knowing is the guide which will help you to find the answers you need and hypnosis will give you that connection.

I invite you into my home for a personal healing and transformation retreat. You will receive a session of spiritual counseling during which we will make a plan of therapy for you depending on your personal needs. You can choose from Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, sound healing and or hot stone massage.

You will have your own bedroom,


and use of hot tub and pool.

My home is only 5 minutes from the beach.

The package for $950 includes 3 nights B&B plus 5 hours of therapy/ counseling of your choice.

Take time to walk on the beach, soak in the hot tub and emerge refreshed with a new sense of purpose and direction.


"My retreat was truly amazing! I felt like a bomb inside me would explode and someone else was going to push the button!! I was no longer in control of ME.
The warm, loving atmosphere enveloped me. I was safe, I met Charmian and my life will be forever changed.
Through hypnotherapy many positive changes are happening in my life.I now know who I Am. I am in control of ME again without fear.I am moving forward in the light with love and confidence.My 3 days with you were life changing" Yvette FL

" In the two weeks since I left your retreat  I have been seeing and doing things differently. My psyche is a lot calmer, even when a situation arises I have been able to calmly approach it.
I see a huge difference in the way I approach my job. I received a call last evening about a career path opportunity and I immediately accepted the invitation " Trina FL

"I spent four days in personal retreat with Charmian in her charming home. The space was peaceful, quiet, clean and very comfortable. I took advantage of some of her available sessions and they were amazing. Hypnotherapy was a great way to become reconnected to my genuine self. She took me on an amazing journey of self discovery. Her hot stone massage and crystal bowl sound therapy were blissful. I left feeling deeply connected, rested and rejuvenated. I highly recommend her retreat." Katie