Lightworker Spiritual Development Online Tele- classes

Connect with the Ascended Masters
Live tele class with Charmian Redwood

  Thursdays January 16th- February  20th 2020           

4-6pm PST 7-9 pm EST


In this class you will learn to connect with the Ascended Masters who are helping with Earth's ascension process. You will receive Activations of the light body from each one. They each have different qualities that they offer to us.

Lord Sananda (Jesus)
Lady Nada ( Mary Magdalene)
Sanat Kumara :Overseer of Earth's Transformation process
Lady Venus
Mother Mary
Hilarion: Master of the heart ray

Message from the Masters
Each one of you is a mighty being of light, you have served both individually and in your teams in all of the great temples of light from Lemuria through Atlantis, Greece, Egypt, Druid Europe, Mayan and Incan South America. You have served the light, you have carried the flame. We are most greatful for each one of you who is awakening now and remembering the Truth of your being. You have our deepest gratitude as we know that it has not been an easy ride on planet Earth. We are most grateful to each of you for your devotion and commitment to serve Beloved Gaia once more.
We see the light, the radiance and the beauty of each one of your souls, and we are most grateful and delighted to be of service to you this day. We are directing the transformation of the Earth from the Higher realms but without the vehicles, the receivers who are physically embodied on Earth it would be much more difficult for those of us who are directing the energy flows which are lifting this planet out of darkness and into light. We have nothing but praise and eternal gratitude for you.

 Class offered using zoom tele-conferencing

6 sessions 2 hours each

Love exchange $333

$50 deposit to reserve your place

Call 808 344 9932

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If you miss a class I will send the recording

" I just had a complete shift. I feel really calm and peaceful because there is a sense of surrender and support that I can't see but I know is always there, it is so beautiful. I know they have my back, it feels like there is nothing I can't do, it's been  amazing".

I would like to thank you, Charmian, for helping me to reconnect with the Truth of all of me.  My search always led me to look for the answers "outside of me".  I feel that my Divine Essence has been brought back into form into my physical body, and I feel complete - balanced - empowered.  Now more than ever I own the energy of creation through my intention, - and then to totally let go and Trust. I also can rest in knowing that being in Joy - is enough. Cheryl ma