Lightworker Spiritual Development Online Tele- classes

Reclaim your Lost Aspects as a powerful Priest, Priestess, Healer, Shaman

Live Tele class with Charmian Redwood

6 week class on zoom. Each class is 2 hours and is interactive. We will journey together to reclaim the lost memories and find our families.

We have had many lifetimes where we were much more powerful and connected than we are now. We served in the great temples of light, pyramids, and portals. We travelled back to the stars to remember who we are.

In each class we will revisit those past lives and bring forward our fully conscious selves.


1 Egypt :The Great pyramid and connection to Sirius
2 Stonehenge: Druid Priest/ Priestess
3 Mayan Pyramids: connecting to the stars
4 Ancient Greece: Reconnection to God /Goddess
5 Atlantis :Temple of the One
6 Lemuria: Crystal Temple of Light

It is the same class Monday, Friday or saturday, you choose your time zone

Mondays June 29th-August 3rd 2020
10am-12pm PST,1-3pm EST, 6-8pm BST,
7-9 PM CET
orFridays July 3rd- August 7th 2020
4-6 pmPST, 7-9pm EST

10am-12pm Aus next morning Saturday

Love exchange $333
(Payment plan welcome)

or call
808 344 9932
to reserve your place