Wheel of the Four Archangels

Live tele-class with

Charmian Redwood

  This is a series of 6 classes lasting 2 hours each

 I have been working with the Four Archangels for 30 years and I invoke their Presence to begin every session and class that I offer.

You will learn the invocation to bring them into your own sessions and your life.

Each has their own unique area of focus and you will learn how to call them and work with them. The Archangels are extremely powerful Beings and they come forward now to assist us with the Ascension of the Earth. In this class you will learn the properties and specialities of each The Four Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel as well as Archangel Metatron who over lights them all.  

 Mondays  August 31st - October 12th 2020

(not including Labor day Sept 7th)

10-12 am PST  1-3pm EST6pm UK  7pm CET                           


Fridays  Sept 11th - October 16th 20204pm PST, 7-9pm EST,        

10am next day  Saturday Sept 12th     Australia 

The class is offered at 2 different times for other time zones choose whichever works best for you.

               It is the same class.

Love exchange $333
( Payments possible)
$50 deposit secures your space
These are small classes so sign up now to ensure your place

Call 808 344 9932 or e mail


Testimonial from previous class about past lives

Thank you for sending the last class recording for the journey to Lemuria. What a beautiful journey that was. I saw the crystal city that radiated with iridescent light. I experienced the Oneness & how empowering that was. I received the message that this is Truly Who We Are, One with God/Goddess/All That Is. That joy, peace and love is what we are truly meant to experience. We are to celebrate now as we are well on our way to this goal. Waking to the knowledge of these lifetimes of service is so inspiring. Thank you for all you have done & shared.

Going through these classes with your guidance has helped me to open up to the Truth of who I Am. I see this lifetime in a whole new way now. I understand that is the purpose of this year 2020 and working with you through this pandemic has helped me find the answers to questions I have been asking for a long time.

Paula canada