Talking To Your Soul Hypnotherapy

What is Talking to Your Soul Hypnotherapy?

Charmian uses hypnosis to guide you to connect with your Higher Self.
She uses a combination of Past Life Regression and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy which can include life between lives connection.
You can ask Who Am I?
Why am I here?
Why do I have this illness?
Why is this person in my life?
We then download the energy of that Eternal  Self which is whole, complete and perfect into the physical body.
We use the energy of the Divine Self to remove old programs and limiting Self Beliefs which hold us in separation. Your Higher Self knows everything about your past, present and future so you can receive information to help you to make life choices.
We can look at soul contracts with people in your life.
If you have health issues we look at the original cause and then use the Divine Self energy to release them.
If you are feeling bored and stuck in your job we can look at how you can move on.
These sessions give you a roadmap of where you came from, where are you going and what is blocking you.
Hypnosis is completely safe. You are aware and in control of your session at all times. The session is recorded and you will receive the recording to continue integrating the experience.

Special discount until October 31st

Only $150 for 2 hour session normally $200


In this testimonial the client explains how light she felt and her powerful connection with Master Jesus


Carina  experienced herself as pure Soul in her Talking to your Soul hypnotherapy session. She remembers the joy she felt just being in the Oneness with no Purpose, just Being. She felt light, joy, expansion.


Senada reconnected with her angelic aspect and returned to Oneness. Her heart opened and she realized that all the love she needs is within.  She then returned to her lifetime with Jesus and Mother Mary.

In his hypnotherapy session Brent experienced reconnection with his own soul and used that energy to clear the soul record of all of the trauma from the past. He emerged renewed, cleansed and connected.

 Mary Experiences the joy of connecting to her soul essence and releasing the blocks which were keeping her separate from her Divine Essence

Keith connected with his father during his Soul  hypnotherapy session. He had lost his father when he was very young so it was powerful for him to have a conversation  with him. He also received confirmation that he was on the right path with his life.

 Here are some videos of actual sessions with clients

 This  client  remembers a vow made in a past life that in future lives he would take on the suffering of those around him so that they would not have to feel pain. In this lifetime he was constantly giving away his power and letting others control him because of the vow and low self esteem. He meets Master Jesus in the afterlife who tells him that self sacrifice is unnecessary because he is here to live his joy not to suffer. So he is released from the vow and his life has changed completely since then, he has taken back his power and is no longer a victim.

In this session Kevin experiences himself floating in the void, in nothingness. He realizes that everything he thinks of as real is in fact an illusion. We have been given the opportunity by the All That Is to experience ourselves as infinite possibility.Through our explorations into form, the void comes out of sleep and into awareness of itself. We are the void knowing itself through it's creations

In this past life regression we begin with the client meeting the higher aspect of her heart. She travels back to Ancient Lemuria where she lived in harmony and peace, fully connected. She next travels to the Pleiades and receives valuable information about this time of transformation on the Earth. She also connects with a whale she encountered in Hawaii and discovers how the whales are helping us at this time.

This client reconnected to her origins on Venus and released a memory from that experience where she felt she had failed on one of her missions to educate grey reptilian beings on another planet. This memory has prevented her in this life from living the joy which it is her mission as a Venusian to bring to the Earth. She travels to the future to see how her live will unfold now that the block has been cleared.


In each session we travel to the future to see what the client is doing to fulfill their soul's purpose then we ask that future self what are the steps to getting to that place. She is also guided to look at the soul energies and purpose of her family members and her connection to them. This brings powerful understanding of her purpose in their lives and what they are teaching each other.

Hypnotherapy sessions are 2 hours and cost $200

Sessions can be done online via Zoom or in person in Oxnard CA or at Halo Salt Spa Westlake, CA

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