What is Talking to Your Soul Hypnotherapy?

Talking To Your Soul Hypnotherapy

Charmian uses hypnosis to guide you to connect with your Higher Self.
She uses a combination of Past Life Regression and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy which can include life between lives connection.
You can ask Who Am I? Why am I here? Why do I have this illness? Why is the person in my life?
We then download the energy of that Eternal  Self which is whole, complete and perfect into the physical body.
We use the energy of the Divine Self to remove old programs and limiting Self Beliefs which hold us in separation. Your Higher Self knows everything about your past, present and future so you can receive information to help you to make life choices.
We can look at soul contracts with people in your life.
If you have health issues we look at the original cause and then use the Divine Self energy to release them.
If you are feeling bored and stuck in your job we can look at how you can move on.
These sessions give you a roadmap of where you came from, where are you going and what is blocking you.
Hypnosis is completely safe. You are aware and in control of your session at all times. The session is recorded and you will receive the recording to continue integrating the experience.


"Thank you Charmian for a wonderful, eye opening and soul opening experience.  My hypnosis session with you was truly life changing, it is incredible to understand how a decision I made in a past life has been effecting this life and most likely the lives I lived between the two.   My session with you also allowed me to experience a wonderful peace and insightful guidance from a very special being.Thank you for the peace and stability you bring to the session, I knew you were on the journey with me and very present every step of the way.  I look forward to our next session" Vanessa South Africa


“ My Hypnosis session with Charmian was a life-changing event.I am now in touch with Who I Really Am .I am able to see where my passions lie and my life’s purpose. I have a greater sense of what I am here for and I feel so much more supported by the heavenly realms. Charmian is very gifted at accessing this knowledge and guiding one to their own personal truth.” Toni Maui
“ I had an amazing session with Charmian. we cleared away my blocks and reset my blueprint for Divine Perfection, opening to abundance,prosperity, perfect health, releasing past hurts and embracing the inner child.” Jennie St Thomas
”I had a hypnotherapy  session with Charmian was deeply moved by the truth and the message that came through that touched my heart to the core. Several great gifts were given by the Masters of light including a huge release from a vow that was made thousands of years ago which was still on some level active and keeping me in bondage. I am so very grateful for all the gifts I was given and expect my life to flourish from this day forth. Charmian brings through the highest vibration of love, light, healing sounds, energy and messages from the Ascended realms. Thank you God! Thank you Charmian", J G Ohio
" I have been very much integrating my new energies since our sessions last Friday. To say it was a life altering experience does not do it justice. So much has shifted since then it has taken me a whole week to even begin to understand or verbalize it's effects.The relationship with my partner I feel has expanded from the 3 years we have been together to all of eternity and beyond. To know and feel his presence through out so many lifetimes has strengthened our bond and purpose and has put the relationship on a whole new dimension. The regression continues to trigger and awaken more and more memories of us and totally shifted my perspective with many things. I feel like ancient memories are being awakened every day. Other relationships from my past came out of the woodwork and felt as though they have been healed, especially my ex-husband. My children are happier,my partner's son is more calm and sweet." N S Ohio
"I feel like I have stepped into a whole new dimension, everything seems to have a different feel, a different light. It is difficult to put into words. I feel like my being has expanded from my limited mind in this lifetime to all lifetimes, and therefore i can feel my soul essence in everything I do." I D Texas.
"I recently got to experience a hypnotherapy session with Charmian in Hawaii. I have never had any kind of hypnotherapy but was completely open to working with Charmian with this because of her background of awakening through her near death experience. My session was guided with her gentle loving spirit that made me feel instantly at ease. She helped me journey through time and space to find out who my star family is, what planet I came from, what my purpose in this planet is at this time. It was truly life altering for me to journey with her help. These are questions I have asked a thousand times and it came to me so clear during her session. I highly recommend working with such an amazing teacher as herself. I finally have some clarity on what my future holds. I love her technique of letting you ask and answer these questions to your higher self. It really worked!" Susie Hawaii


 This  client  remembers a vow made in a past life that in future lives he would take on the suffering of those around him so that they would not have to feel pain. In this lifetime he was constantly giving away his power and letting others control him because of the vow and low self esteem. He meets Master Jesus in the afterlife who tells him that self sacrifice is unnecessary because he is here to live his joy not to suffer. So he is released from the vow and his life has changed completely since then, he has taken back his power and is no longer a victim.


In this session Kevin experiences himself floating in the void, in nothingness. He realizes that everything he thinks of as real is in fact an illusion. We have been given the opportunity by the All That Is to experience ourselves as infinite possibility.Through our explorations into form the void comes out of sleep and into awareness of itself. We are the void knowing itself through it's creations


In this past life regression we begin with the client meeting the higher aspect of her heart. She travels back to Ancient Lemuria where she lived in harmony and peace, fully connected. She next travels to the Pleiades and receives valuable information about this time of transformation on the Earth. She also connects with a whale she encountered in Hawaii and discovers how the whales are helping us at this time.

This client reconnected to her origins on Venus and released a memory from that experience where she felt she had failed on one of her missions to educate grey reptilian beings on another planet. This memory has prevented her in this life from living the joy which it is her mission as a Venusian to bring to the Earth. She travels to the future to see how her live will unfold now that the block has been cleared.

Hypnotherapy sessions are 2 hours and cost $200

Sessions can be done online via Zoom or in person in Oxnard CA or at Halo Salt Spa Westlake, CA

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